StoPanel XPS ci

This lightweight prefabricated panel is a decorative and protective exterior wall cladding that provides superior air and weather tightness along with excellent thermal performance and durability by incorporating extruded insulation within the panel assembly.

  • 8-10 Pounds Per Square Foot (psf)
  • Allows for drainage through weeps in Patented Sto Wedge Design
  • Utilizes Dow Panel Core 20 for R-Value of 5.0 per 1” of continuous insulation
  • Utilizes Sto Dual Seal Technology™
  • Exceptional durability / Compressive Strength of 20 psi
  • StoGuard continuous waterproof air barrier is a standard component
  • Standard Finishes
  • Specialty Finishes
  • StoColor 800
  • Classic Collection
  • Designer Collection